honesty is…not the best policy?

according to blog site lifehacker, lying is just fine and dandy as long as no one gets hurts.


that’s what they are essentially saying in this post from last year: “six questions to ask yourself before telling a lie.”

before you think i promote this line of horrific crap, i will tell you right now that i was appalled when i read this article.

but you have to realize that if you were not brought up with any principles, lying is part of your regular lifestyle. they even make an assumption, which probably sums up at least the author’s life but puts her credibility into question.

the final question you ask yourself is “if you were in their shoes, what would you want to hear?” i don’t know about anyone else, but i want the truth. in fact, i am willing to bet that if you asked anyone what characteristic they would want in a friend, mate, colleague, family member, or even from the media, they would list honesty as either the top option or in the top three things.

would you seriously date someone who only told you stuff to make you happy if they believed it or not, if it was the truth or not?

would you hire someone who lied occasionally to make you feel better about your hiring of them or about the work they should be getting done?

if lifehacker supports this policy, it’s sad, and to be honest, shameful. promoting more lying isn’t making the world a better place. according to gregory house, m.d., “everybody lies.” and he’s right. we all do. some more than others. but the goal isn’t to keep on doing it or to encourage it.

in the so-called information age, what good is any of it if all the information is not reliable. (think brian williams here.) and if we make decisions based on faulty information, how much more damage can be done? again, you can justify how big or small it might be, but you don’t know how big or small it could possibly become.

fear causes us to lie, sometimes fueled by shame or cowardice, but always fear. the post from lifehacker proves that.

i cannot subscribe to their suggested life policy. lying never is positive thing, no matter how much you justify it. i want to know the truth. maybe the truth hurts, but that’s life. maybe the truth causes more work, but that’s life. maybe i can’t handle the truth…initially, but i will adapt, grow even. and that too is life. some things in life shouldn’t be hacked.

the Truth will set you free.

new york city over the sofa

a few years back, i took my first trip to new york city. it was a great time. i took my dslr (a canon rebel xti) and nabbed many photos of the city. i didn’t get to do everything i wanted to do on my initial visit and decided i would come back to complete my list.

last october, i finally made my return. although this trip had a different primary goal: to fetch an image of the city which i could hang on the wall behind my new sofa.


after passing through my photos, i finally found the one that i wanted to use as the image for the picture. this was taken from the top rockefeller center on friday evening during my visit. i think the image is a little dark compared to the original, but it still looks great on the wall in my living room. f/32 Photo did a great job making this into a 40×60 inch piece of wall art. (not to say that my photography as wall art, but it is my wall art.)


new ice box

my kenmore refrigerator of eleven years died last week. i noticed the compressor making a much louder noise than normal. when i got home from choir practice last wednesday, my freezer was too warm. all my frozen fruit has defrosted and leaked all over the bottom. (the cherry juice looked like blood.)

i moved the bacon down to the fridge to keep it alive, and i put a thermometer to monitor the temperature. by thursday, it was getting warmer.

i had already started my replacement search. i wasn’t sure how much time i had because i did not know if the problem was just my freezer or the whole unit. between online and in-store searching, i was not finding what i really wanted. what complicated my search was a static width of 34 inches. most of the fridges these days are being made for 36 inch width spaces.

i narrowed my selection down on by friday morning. despite their selection, sears could not get a replacement to me in less than two weeks. best buy, home depot, and lowe’s didn’t either have model i was considering or they didn’t have an alternative in black.

the winner this time was hh gregg. i had found the LG model LFXS24623B which was more than i primarily wanted to spend; but it matched the size, color, and configuration on my list.


this was my first hh gregg experience, and it was a good one. richard d. was my sales guy. he answered all my questions and was patient as i worked out my final decision on this fridge. for weekend delivery, there was a $20.00 fee, which included transportation of the dead fridge. considering this unit was in atlanta on friday evening and in my house saturday morning, it was worth the twenty bucks.

life is back to normal at mock manor now. i did end up losing some bacon in the whole ordeal. (that was not due to spoiling but to ice in the cooler melting and seeping into the packing.) i will recover that sooner, though.